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Korean cuisine is based on the idea of Um Yang Ohaeng, which illustrates contrasts (um yang) and five elements (ohaeng): fire, earth, water, metal and wood. Koreans believe that everything is made up of opposites such as black/white, male/female, spicy/sweet, salty/bland, hot/cold, etc. The one cannot exist without the other so that there must be balanced harmony between them, which makes up the um yang. Ohaeng is the belief that everything in the universe is made up of five elements, which have corresponding flavors and colors.
Korean cuisine follows this philosophy by using varied ingredients prepared with different cooking techniques with a dynamic array of colors.
Korean chefs are perfecting their recipes while adding their own unique twists to create remarkable restaurants. Some of these Korean restaurants, cafes and bakeries are currently expanding overseas.
Likewise our 2 Michelin Stars Chef Won Chul Choi has found out the Bangladeshis crave for delicious chicken. After trying out various restaurants and their chicken, Won Chul categorized chicken flavors into two; fried or tandoori! Thus he decided to bring the philosophy of his ancestors and incorporate the elements of Korean herbs into the Chicken! Won Chul has a 10 years experience and is one of the most talented Chef specializing in Sauce Chicken. Won Chul himself had introduced 10 saucy chicken recipes in the Sauce Chicken arena!

House 34, Garib E Newaj Avenue, Sector 11, Uttara, 1230 Dhaka
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