Casa Greek, Banani

Casa Greek is one of the Best Steak house
& Greek Restaurants in Dhaka City. This authentic Greek Restaurant serves Greek foods as well as sea food, mouthwatering steaks.
With our carefully prepared menus we hope to give you a flavor of the excellent cuisine offered at Casa Greek Restaurant. So before making that all-important booking decision, we want you to be reassured that we offer a combination of the finest cuisine and an impressive range of Sea food, Steaks.

For an excellent dining experience ROK offers the highest quality in taste, atmosphere and hygiene. Rok’s authentic method of ‘Cooking on the Stone’ is a concept used first time in Bangladesh where the Stone is heated up to 350 degrees and can maintain its heat for approx. 45minutes. One can choose to have your steak, chicken, fillet or sea food on the stone as this unique concept ensures that the nutrients are locked in, using no added fats or oils and sears the food without burning it, resulting in a perfectly made, one of a kind dish.

House 23 Road 10 Block E Banani Dhaka

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