Cremoso, Mohammadpur

In Cremoso we think that a bowl of smooth creamy batter turning into a nice fluffy cake is nothing short of some ancient sorcery. Meet Cremoso, we will happily bake for hours on end to give you cakes, cupcakes cookies or any baked dessert you crave for tailored to your specific needs and whims that you can fulfill at affordable price.

If you are procrastinating and looking through food pages on the web, wishing you could devour one cupcake or relish a bite of that one exotic droolworthy cake, then we are a facebook message away!

‘Cremoso’ is originally a Spanish word which by definition means smooth and creamy. I guess, the name says it all?

-Orders for customized cakes must be placed at least 48 hours in advance, detailing your needs as much as possible. If possible show us the picture of the design you want on the cake
-You must order a minimum of 6 cupcakes at least 24 hours before you want them delivered. You can pick your own flavors, icing and toppings according to the menu provided.
-Prices will vary according to the degree of customization you want in your cakes.

Item and Price list coming soon!

z-12, Block- D Mohammedpur, Salimullah Road, Dhaka. House- 969, Road 15, Adabor, Baitul Aman Housing Society, Dhaka
+8801790-744687, +8801742600227, +8801684122520

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