D Bake, Panthapath

D’Bake is a boutique bakery completely based on home baking. D’Bake is here to satisfy your taste buds by its deliciously baked goodies. Tasty food with utmost quality is D’ Bakes’ prime consideration to ensure your ultimate comfort. So welcome to our palatable world of baked goodies and experience a unique taste indulgence.

Available Products:

1. Cupcakes.
2. Cakes.
3. Custom themed cake/cupcakes with fondant decoration.

General Information:

1. For placing order or any type of query contact us at [email protected] , Phone- 01719432864, facebook message.

2. Place your order at least 2-5 days prior to the date of delivery

3. Payment policy:
-For small orders cash on delivery
-For large orders 40% prepayment

4. Minimum order:
-Cupcakes 4 piece
– Cakelets 4
– Cake pops 10

5. Delivery Point:
– Panthapath Shubastu Tower

6. To cancel orders please inform us 24 hours prior to delivery.

*** © All rights of D’Bake Products and Design are totally RESERVED by D’Bake, So D’Bake can make as many as cakes of similar design as D’Bake wants.***

Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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