eatndrink, Eskaton

We started with a small neat cart back in March 2015 at the same location. We used to serve only Sub-sandwiches, lemonade, chill drinks and Trifle (dessert).

From the very beginning we have got enormous customer feedback, their repeated visit to us and a lot of appreciation which continues till now.

In just 1 year, by the grace of the ALLAH (swt), we took a shop space at the same location. Its now [email protected] shop a takeaway booth. We have designed this shop based on live kitchen pattern, where there’s no inside sitting arrangement for customers. The order counter has a tiny shade within the space where few customer can sit casually and have their food.

While this new setup, we have added new things in our menu keeping the existing. Gourmet standard burgers, Chicken Pasta Salad, Chiller Drinks (Shake / Kursher pattern), Teriyaki Chicken Rice Meal are the new addition.

Alhamdulillah, the customer response is even better than before.

There’s always a reason and a fact behind any success. In our case, no no questions the success factors are:

1. Excellent quality with freshness.
2. Extremely reasonable price for the quality and quantity.
3. Good quantity.
4. Customer Service.
5. Really good taste.

eatndrink started its journey with few commitments. And the substantial one is… the Quality and freshness. We are determined and serving the same good quality over the time. It is our promise that eatndrink will exist only when it can serve quality food with good price. To keep this commitment we maintains very strict monitoring over everything related to it. And we DO NOT compromise AT ALL.

We believe, with our dedication, sincerity, honesty and your support we will be able to do even better.

Support us, Promote us to grow to serve you well.

Best Regards,
[email protected]

Opposite BIAM Goli at Bangla motor / new Eskaton road. In front of AB Bank ATM booth.
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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