Erics Bistro, Dhanmondi

Eric Bistro was born from passion. It was named by a foodholic guy ‘Eric’. In 2009, the Eric Bistro has launched officially. From the day one this restaurant spreading its delicious smell to the town.
The entrance may seem a small but it makes you get a feeling that you are entering some “vintage and classic wood café, and that’s not it; upon entering you will be mesmerized. It is spacious given how you plan to hangout there. If you are going out for a date or a dinner with your loved one, then you can choose to sit by the window where you will have a view of the road beside window. Or else if you want to relax and chitchat with buddies where the smooth music will reload your brain and mind then you can must sit inside the wood café. The smell of the interior will refill your mind.
The interior design is captivating. The designs of the furniture, the curtains all defined the decoration as “experimental and abstract”. Everything seemed to harmonize the other. One of the most standout and unique vogue about Eric’s is the wooden tables that have Bangla writings carved into them; it was very authentic and gave a positive ‘deshi’ vibe. The bookshelf has an interesting collection of contemporary Bangla fiction namely works by Humayun Ahmed, Jafar Iqbal and Bidisha. Eric Bistro is a café gallery as well. We have paintings hung up on the walls that are up for sale.
‘We are hanging an article about our food from a journal’. Read out the story.
We were warmly greeted by the waiters as we arrived. Sitting at the sofa just behind the bookshelf we found the menu card already placed at the table. As most of the readers of UNaB are students like us; we love to dine outside now and then. But we consider the pricing when it comes to bill-paying and seeing Eric’s menu we smiled. The food and beverages offered were reasonable and after we were done with them, we can tell you that we really liked it.
For the entrée or appetizer (as some call it), seeing a bunch of different dishes offered we chose to order the Wontons. They were crispy and the Wonton wrappers were not papery or very leathery. They were perfect and the filling was ample. Complementary sauces offered include hot chili sauce and mango chutney or as we call it “kashmiri aachar”.
Moving on to the main course, we order two different types of fried rice. One came with vegetable curry and mushroom chicken while the other came with a saucy chicken dish that was spicy and hot. The portions of food given were very much ample, and one friend of us had difficulty finishing her dish!
The food was tasty. The rice was cooked well and the balance of different spices in the chicken was good. It was a delicious meal and we were happy at the end.Upon looking at the beverages offered, we ordered some cold drinks and some of our friends tried out the cappuccino and the masala tea.The cappuccino was brewed perfectly, it was creamy and tasted alright but we thought the proportion they gave was little.Masala tea is a traditional Indian “chai”; if brewed perfectly, you will have tasted ‘magic’! Usually in a restaurant you won’t see the Masala tea offered everyday but Eric’s were bold to offer it. I liked the tea from the first sip, it was perfect! The milk, the leaker of the tea and the “masala” (most probably ginger) created a great combination; I craved for more upon finishing it!

Eric Bistro has the best taste of sound. We play music depends on the weather, mood, situation, clients etc. The sound system is synchronized duly and the low volume music comprising of classic Robindro and Nazrul instrumentals with contemporary jazz and 60’s blues were merry to the ears. Our playlist has quality music which refreshes your mind and it complemented the place as a whole.
Eric Bistro features wonderful musical event on every Thursday evening. On Thursday it becomes a club of chorus. We feature new new bands every week live to the customers. Musicians play their music and bring out the chorus from the audiences. This is a completely live session of music. While musicians are playing live, you guys are having fresh food from the oven. Thursday night is all about the best combination between food & music. Its live.
Eric’s Bistro is a sophisticated place to hang out. It has everything from having a good location, to a pleasant ambiance and most importantly great food. We deeply invite everyone to have a wonderful evening with us.
Eric Bistro

13/1 Fatema Arcade , Mirpur rd.Dhanmondi,, 1205 Dhaka, Bangladesh


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