Filmy Cafe

Right from the interior of the café to menu everything in Filmy Café is in Filmy style. Come visit and become filmy totally. Call out the order in filmy way. The food served will mesmerize your taste buds and who knows it might bring out the actor in you. The drinks are budgetd so that you get to enjoy the maximum. It is a wonderland for movie lovers. The treatment you get at Filmy café is not less than the treatment a movie star gets. So why go to an ordinary café and be treated like a regular customer. Rather become a star at the Filmy Café.The interior at Filmy Café is simple but uniquely designed for movie lovers. The first thought that will strike in your mind will be that the place is different.

The café is pocket friendly. It is for people in every age group. The best place to hang out with friends over a weekend and have fun.

House-24, Road-09, Block-Kha, Shekhertek PCCulture Housing Society,Mohammadpur,
[email protected]

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Everyday 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM