In the spring of 2012, three donut aficionados came together to create the world’s best donut. This was no easy task, due to the limited resources in Bangladesh. So, they travelled across multiple continents to sample and source the world’s finest ingredients. After an extensive period of research and development, they finally developed the winning recipe for their scrumptious original glazed, as well as fourteen other amazing flavors. With confidence in their product, they prepared to create and establish Glazed. A multi store donut and coffee shop that sells fresh donuts that meet world standards of quality, taste, and hygiene.

This led the Glazed team to the next inevitable question: what’s a great donut without great coffee? After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than washing down a great donut with a great coffee. For this we have picked premium coffee beans especially blended for Glazed Coffee to complement our gourmet donuts.

Armed now with both delectable gourmet donuts and perfectly-roasted coffee, the team set up their first shop and plans to unveil it in the summer of 2013.

Shop No. G2, DMC 47, Gulshan 2
Gulshan 2

+8801611-452933, +88019-71-452933


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