Meena Sweets

Craving for sweetness is deeply enrooted in our culture. Intriguing types of sweets and cakes (Pitha-Puli) are integral part of our heritage. The true taste of our sweetmeats is entangled with the happy moments of our life. Whether it’s the successful moment of life or celebration of festivity, sharing the happiness with sweet tooth is a part of our culture.

Initially Meena Sweets was operated from the Meena Sweet Corners which were situated in different Meena Bazar outlets. With vast range of sweetmeats of excellent quality and great taste, within a very short period of time Meena Sweets became popular among the consumers and became an instant hit.

Meena Sweets, House – 44, Road – 16(new), 27 (old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Everyday:09:00 - 22:00
Old 27 44
Dhaka Dhaka Division BD
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