Mejbani Khana

“Mejban” the tradition of Chittagong. “Mejban” a Persian word literally meaning a host. The word now means community feasting, a tradition that organized in Chittagong region. It is usually host by the rich people and the occasion could be like, birthday, death anniversary, observance day, inauguration of a new business etc.
The invitation is open and according to tradition, once the information about organizing a mejban is made public, it becomes s social responsibility for all to join and to make it successful.
Organizing a mejban symbolize a high profile of the host. Mejban organizer takes pride in the number of people joining the feast. This sometimes may go up to ten thousands. A noticeable feature of the mejban is it’s simple menu, just rice and different type of beef curry. Different types of beef curry are as bellows with local name:
1. Mejbani Gosto (Mejbani Beef Curry)
2. Mejbani Kala Bhuna ( Dark Beef Fried)
3. Mejbani Daal ( Mixed with different type of Daal)
Mejban the tradition of Chittagong is a symbol of social bondage between different levels of the society.

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