Ladies and gentleman we present to u “Mélange”

Mélange is an exclusive lounge which brings to you a unique experience. An experience which you will need to come and feel. We know that there is no substitute for the atmosphere and service of a restaurant. You will only want to come back to a place that’s true! So, Mélange is the place for you!

We know that the ambience of the restaurant is of the utmost importance for a great dining experience so we can ensure that our guests have a unique setting in which they can enjoy their meals; they receive the best dining experience and guests can recreate at home what they eat at the restaurant. Every room has a different feel of it’s own which you have to come and discover.

One of the things that gives Mélange its distinctive dining philosophy is:

“It’s not how much, but how well.”

No matter how good a restaurant is, it has to change with time; guests will want to have an anchor. They want to feel comfortable where they are. These are the things which Mélange has kept in mind while setting it up.

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to discover, so please come and discover Mélange. We can assure you will not regret.

Mélange, meaning mixture, yes, indeed, this is a mixture of culture, food and atmosphere. You can choose your room according to the mood set you are in.
In total Mélange has six different exclusive rooms. Five of them are smoking zones and the big dining is a purely non smoking zone. The smoking zones all have smoke suckers so there is no chance of any area becoming smoky and unbearable to sit and relax.



This cozy room has a capacity of 12 to 15 people approx. which can be booked for a private meeting or a small birthday celebration. It has complete privacy and there are dedicated staff members for this room only. Shisha and smoking is permitted in this room.



This room gives you a different feel altogether. You will feel like you are sitting under the night sky full of stars where you can enjoy shisha and food under a different setting. Smoking is permitted in this room too and it has a capacity of 12-15 people approx.

Attached to this room is a cute cozy room called “Honeycomb”. It is a small room of 6 people where you can relax in the comfort of your privacy and have some personal time of your own with close friends.



This room is the pride of Mélange”. Once you get inside this room you will get a totally different feeling. You will feel like you are somewhere in the midst of the middle eastern region where you get the proper surrounding of enjoying a shisha with some Arabic music at the background. It is hard to explain here so it is for you to come and experience its uniqueness yourself.

Attached to this room is a very classy room with a posh look which is called “Dark Temptation” I don’t want to elaborate as you can judge by yourself by the name! It is indeed the greatest temptation of Mélange!


This hall has been decorated to create an atmosphere where you will feel at home. You can come here and enjoy a delicious meal with your family and friends. This room has a capacity of 30 people approx. and is purely a non-smoking zone. It can be booked for dinners, parties,conference,etc.

Road 24, House 7, Block K, Banani, Dhaka
+8801672-918516, +8801759-695578


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