OFF TRACK Music Cafe

OFF TRACK launched its first ever true music theme café.OFF TRACK is located on 8/1 rankin street 2nd floor & 3rd floor ,exactly opposite building of Arong show room.
OFF TRACK is unique because its not just music café, it’s the first themed music café in the city.OFF TRACK specializes in fusion food. This is a combination of all the famous street foods of different cities from different parts of the world. The foods are delectably prepared by some of the best chefs in the city who have had lot of experiences.

The foods prepared, are not only mouth watering delicious but also breathtakingly visual.
The culinary and drink presentation at OFF TRACK is comparable to any five star hotels in any part of the world.

OFF TRACK has custom built its own stage, complete with state of the art sound system and lighting that can accommodate any professional performance both local and international.

During the day Off Track plays soft and contemporary music, crooning out of its speakers, embedded, throughout the café. In the evening OFF TRACK wakes up to the live music performed by its in house band six days a week along with some of the most famous and popular singers of our time.

The house band starts playing from 7.30 in the evening and goes on till 10.30 pm.

8/1 Rankin street 2nd & 3rd floor, 1203 Dhaka
Old Dhaka


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