Seven Spices Restaurant @ Lakeshore

Lakeshore Banani is the newest addition to the luxury boutique hotels by Lakeshore Hotel and Apartments in Dhaka. This new property, located less than a kilometer away from the original in Banani, is adjacent to the famed Road 11, a major culinary and shopping hub in the capital. Each of our 26 rooms & suites, the restaurant and the fully equipped gymnasium has been meticulously designed to create the kind of ambiance that reflects both luxury and comfort. The suites are very spacious with big windows and the natural light beaming into the rooms transmit a feeling of clarity, openness and freedom. The decor is stylish, fashionable and classy and can compete with hotel properties on an international level. The jewels of the hotel are the Penthouse Suites -the two of a kind – that come with their own private garden terrace and a range of exclusive services that will make you feel like a true celebrity. In our contemporary restaurant, we offer continental dishes and other specialties.

House 81, Rd No 13A, Block D, Banani.
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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