Shiraz-Mughlai Feast

In the year 1940, Arshad Ali and Md. Hossain from Bihar arrived in Kolkata and started a small eatery called ‘Shiraz’. Shiraz’s Mughal cuisine originated from the glorious royal kitchen of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the last nawab of Awadh, Uttar Pradesh. Shiraz adopted the secret recipes of the royal kitchen called `Dum Pukht’, a culinary style consisting of aromatic ingredients and aphrodisiacs.
The addition of Samsuddin in the kitchen of Shiraz enriched the cuisine even more, with his improvisations with special ingredients and culinary techniques. These secret recipes of Samsuddin remain a closely guarded secret till this day.
Under the efficient leadership of the present generation, Shiraz has opened up many new branches & franchises in various prime locations of Kolkata and outside.

The legendary Mughal cuisines of ‘Shiraz’ have now begun their journey in Dhaka, Bangladesh carrying forward the legacy of the royal heritage.

Uday Tower, 57 & 57A, Gulshan Avenue South Circle 01, Gulshan 01
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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