Silver Lining


In 2010, 365 is the number of times an average dish was sold to you at an exorbitant cost,166 is the number of times your mother gave you the same food and told you if you don’t like boring food you should start eating out, 10 is the number of times you asked for a raise to start eating good and 1 is the number of time you actually got that raise.

But with all these, “0” is the number of time you tasted something and said “That’s it! That’s something unique and tasty!!”

That’s where we come in.

When food tastes as good as ours do, it’s only a sin when you don’t eat it. Indulge your senses with the best cakes, pastries and desserts in town. Drown your taste buds with delicious party food like biriani, chicken, fish, beef and vegetable items. And live the good life with our special line of health food. These are not only tasty, but one of its kind.

So check out our menu and place your order now!!

Order details:
1. Please email at [email protected] with your name, contact number, time of delivery & your delivery address. Or call at +8801714 003080
2. Please place orders 2 days prior to date of delivery. For orders >5, please give us more time
3. Please clear the outstanding payment at the time of delivery.

We provide office, party and event catering on order basis.


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